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Holidays to Europe

Europe is a patchwork of overwhelming as well as confusing features. The 40 irresistible individual countries open up gateways to explore the artistic spectrum. You can plunge into anywhere and fancy the party. Enjoy the old world of ancient villages and castles that beautifully merge into the modern European world. First timers can discover something unusual in the classic countries of France, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany; whereas, others can try a more seductive escape into Albania, Romania and Turkey. Europe's wealth of attractions is its most important draw. So don’t delay - get everything planned. The only problem is - where to begin! From key metropolitan cities, charming villages, Europe overflows with places that everyone should witness. But where does this fairytale adventure begin? The major cities of London, Paris and Amsterdam and ravishing but, there are bonus cities too that are worth visiting. Try exploring the cultural and historical city of Berlin; admire iconic museums of Riga; visit the exciting Stockholm; experience the friendliness and charm of Denmark; admire the playground of Budapest; capture the gorgeous scenery of Fira and Oslo; the magical city of Barcelona and many more breathtaking quaint towns. It's a difficult task to point out the various things to do in Europe. See a sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo; visit the Louvre for free; enjoy choir singing in Westminster Abbey; visit the Church of Our Lady; jump off the rocks at ‘Hole in the Wall’; visit the Spanish capital’s best-known museums for free; walk through the grounds of Prague Castle; walk over Fisherman's Bastion; visit Nice's modern art museum or Wander along the Thames. Being vast and diverse, Europe experiences several climatic changes as well as different topography that include mountains, lakes, beaches, highlands and the sea. The summer months of June through September is the most popular time to visit Europe although, winter is the peak season and the least busy time. The off-seasons of November to March bring in several cultural events, concerts, theatres and operas into several European cities.