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About Tenerife

Off the coasts of Spain, in the archipelago of Canary Islands, the enchanting island of Tenerife is among the most pleasurable isles of the Europe and probably one of the most visited cities in Spain. With close to 1000 places to visit, the cultural epicentre of Santa Cruz archipelago and one of the most serene port city of Canary Islands, Tenerife is known as the biggest island of the Canary Islands and has the most exquisite attractions with unique contrast and utterly beautiful sites. Acclaimed as a beach holiday destination in the Spain, Tenerife plays the role of an adventure centre in the Canary Island and attracts voyagers to go for adventurous holidays to Tenerife. Each year millions of travellers go for beach holidays to Tenerife and get the opportunity to explore the different features Tenerife possesses. Take Tenerife holidays 2016 and get delighted by the wide variety of sites that includes handful of UNESCO heritage sites, exotic beach resorts, mountain trails, caves, temples, chapels, forests, marinas, zoos and much more. To explore the home of myriad historical sites, volcanic tube caves and the third largest volcano of the world itself, travellers enjoy taking all-inclusive Tenerife holidays to get the most enchanting experience whilst getting indulged with endless adventure and party extravaganza.

When to Go ?

All islands on Canary Islands archipelago are globally renowned for their year-round beauty. Hence the beautiful and warm weather make this region the finest beach holiday region to enjoy. However, the peak season to go for beach holidays to Tenerife is considered near Christmas till the fall of March when the warm breeze makes the nights around the coasts more enjoyable and full of fun. With endless options of all-inclusive Tenerife holidays, you can enjoy thoroughly the most exotic and tempting holidays with family in the heart of Canary Islands. The best experience one can have on their trip to Tenerife is when they have planned and booked Tenerife holidays around Santa Cruz De Tenerife Carnival which is the biggest and best festival to join in the Tenerife Island. Wonderful like Brazil carnival and enjoyable like any other Spanish festival, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the occasion that brings the attention of global voyagers towards the beautiful and extraordinary island of Tenerife. Tenerife, the largest island in Canary Island archipelago and one of the finest beach holiday destination in the Europe, has been a perfect resort escape as well as a divine city break destination to enjoy romantic, family and adventure holidays within the Europe and get impeccable and memorable experience on Tenerife holidays 2016.

Places to Visit

Tenerife is a big island with more than a thousand places to visit to serve different interest and get delighted by the beauty of culture, nature and adventure. Hence, here are the most exotic, exquisite and extraordinary places to enjoy during holidays to Tenerife:

Siam Park: One of the most astounding landmark in entire Tenerife Island, Siam Park is truly a fantastic day out to make cheap Tenerife holidays. This budget site is an absolutely perfect water park with tons of rides and endless fun. With rides for all age, Siam Park gives a great feeling for being on beach holidays to Tenerife whilst being away from the coasts. The adventurous rides available in this water park are suitable for all age groups which makes it the most amazing and flawless place to enjoy adventurous activities in the Tenerife and a perfect place for family holidays in Tenerife.

Teida Mountain: Teida Mountain is the biggest attraction in Tenerife Island for being finest hiking summit and the home of Teida National Park. Attracting endless voyagers from across the globe each year, this site is the most blissful place with ample of sights to attract nature photographers and admirers. Being the third largest volcano on volcanic ocean island, Teida Mountain offers countless views of flora and fauna to enjoy for nature lovers and opens a wide exposure to discover the enthralling views from the highest altitude point available in Tenerife. Thousands of hikers visit here each year to conquer 10th highest volcanic trail of the world.

La Laguna: The best historical site and a UNESCO World Heritage place, La Laguna is among the highest visited places in Tenerife and is the centre of attraction for voyagers Tenerife Holidays. Each year, this small town attracts millions of voyagers and if you are up for Tenerife holidays in 2016, you must visit here to engrave the memories of historical cathedrals, architectures from 17th century and much more. The oldest region in Canary Islands, La Laguna is certainly a magical site which will make you think to stay forever on holidays to Tenerife.

Puerto de la Cruz: This suburb of Tenerife is the dream for endless of voyagers who are geared up for beach holidays to Tenerife to experience the modern lifestyle and endless fun and adventure in the most successful and modern city of entire Tenerife. This resort town is worldwide famous to enjoy all-inclusive Tenerife holidays and gives an utmost pleasure as well as comfort to holidaymakers on cheap Tenerife holidays. The photogenic backdrops and modern plazas around the town makes the best holiday you can ever imagine. Hence, this place has brought itself to one of the best places to visit in Tenerife.

Essential Info

Despite being a beach destination and one of the most fascinating place to be during summer holidays this year, Tenerife possesses an array of things to do that makes Tenerife more than a beach holiday destination and have made its image of a perfect adventure holiday destination in Spain. Here are the most amazing and adventurous things to do during your Tenerife holidays 2016:

Tour to Garachico: On the northern edge of Tenerife, Garachico is among the most exclusive place to visit where you can go and enjoy swimming and snorkelling. Known for Bathe in Rock Pools, Garachico, is a renowned escape point for local holidaymakers to enjoy a day away from bustling city and enjoy nice time relaxing whilst getting a fishing and swimming session around hewn from solidified lava.

Kayaking and Snorkelling in Adeja: Adeja is a very well-known suburb in Tenerife and has been a voyagers’ paradise for decades. For its extraordinary snorkelling places and kayaking centres, Adeja has been one of the prime reason why tourists go for all-inclusive Tenerife holidays. The marine life available here is simply exquisite and travellers who fond of nature can go for snorkelling and discover the world underwater living for centuries in beautifully. Here you can get the sight of endless floras and faunas in the colours you can’t even imagine.

Whale Watching at Puerto de Santiago: There is no better view around beaches than a sight of whales, and Puerto de Santiago is globally known for whale watching which has made hoard of excursionists to go for Tenerife holidays and have the most delightful time watching whales in their natural habitat. Hire a motorboat which will take you to the proximate place to have a beautiful sight of whales. The day out at the refreshing coasts of Puerto de Santiago will truly transform your holidays in Tenerife to something indescribable.

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