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About Amsterdam

Being a city of tolerance and diversity, Amsterdam stimulates an atmosphere of its own. With a blend of golden canals, whizzing bicycles, flourishing parks, iconic museums, vibrant markets, impeccable dining, eccentric shopping and a larger-than-life nightlife, the Dutch capital is not only one of the largest dainty cities in the world, but it is also one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe, perfect for holidays to Amsterdam. It bears all the elements of a large city: affluent culture, excellent transport, exquisite restaurants and a community of friendly people.
Though it resembles Venice, it is not, but yet it is renowned as the City of Canals, approximately 160 man-made canals. As one walks through Europe's greatest walking cities, the peerless charm of the 17th century structure and the laid-back environment is sure to spellbind ever visitor time and time again. With so much on offer, it can be beguiling as well as overwhelming knowing where to begin. 
With cheap city breaks to Amsterdam, your minute in the City of Canals never goes dull. There are countless museums, an array of concerts and festivals and esteemed party scene throughout the year. Yes, Amsterdam is irresistible!
With 7,500 registered structures comprising of grand residential homes and warehouses, the city now showcases some of its impressive achievements in art, from Van Gogh to Rembrandt. With so many surrounding treasures to be boastful of, the tiny lanes and by-lanes whisper another story altogether. Sudden church spires popping up at every corner, hidden gardens, floating boathouse, appealing roofs, Amsterdam spills out everywhere, gripping you entirely. Yes, there are illicit thrills for those who want them, but the city deserves more than just a few days of travel. But believe it or not, beauty is in the details and with Amsterdam holidays, the city has has everything up its sleeves.
Amsterdam displays its most flamboyant nature in summer. With a crispy warm weather and undying festivals, the tourism crush is at its peak. There is a competition for canal cruises, entry to museum and hotels. If you are planning Amsterdam breaks from UK, Easter, spring and autumn is less hectic, despite the rains. As the clouds fade away, there's fun and fiestas everywhere in the cafes and on the streets with bicycles. The climate may not drop below freezing, but winters can be icy with plenty of action indoors. Festivals in Amsterdam are a good way to soak up the culture and lifestyle of the city.

When to Go ?

Amsterdam has a bustling tourism industry. Whether you are planning to visit the tulip season, during festivals or just for leisure,the city welcomes with open arms. The Tulip season runs from mid March to May. Hence, April is the perfect time. Summers are the peak season but not easy on the wallet. Fall, from September to October, overall, is the best time to visit Amsterdam. You can find lowest airfares in November and February and the most cheapest months to go to Amsterdam. If you wants to go for Short Breaks to Amsterdam you can go at the time of Christmas or on Easter Holidays. You can buy Amsterdam Christmas Market Deals from Holiday Desire with best prices. 

Places to Visit

In Amsterdam, educational institutions and famous attractions rub shoulders with each other, alluring everyone to gawk these places of interest. 
The Rijksmuseum one of the key attractions of the city with city breaks to Amsterdam. Founded in the 1800s, it houses unique and impressive antiques and art steeped in the history and culture of Netherlands.
The Anne Frank Museum is devoted to all the victims of the Holocaust who hid in Anne's residence as refugees. It was here that Anne started writing a diary which later became a famous seller. 
Drown in the largest collection of Van Gogh's soul-stirring paintings at the Van Gogh Museum, regarded as a prominent art gallery in the whole wide world. More than 250 paintings and 600 drawings are added in the collection.
With Amsterdam breaks from London, a popular church in Amsterdam, the West Renaissance Church of the 1600s bears an engrossing engineering. With a highest tower, the spire, the carillon, pipe organ and huge bells, it is also the most photographed structure in the city.
The Royal Palace has a phenomenal past. Showcasing classical Roman architecture and furniture, the interiors are furnished and the ceiling is decorated with famous paintings.
Historians and literature lovers will love hanging out at the Jewish Historical Museum. Highlights include a grand collection of religious icons, wall hangings and ancient artefacts.
If you wish to step into something more natural, the Begijnhof district offers rare and serene moments to visitors. Exploring the pretty-looking pathways, the well-maintained lawns and the oldest houses are extremely rewarding.
Every architecture in Amsterdam is stunning, especially the Old Church that became an icon for several other mansions and cathedrals. The interiors are at its finest. With majestic windows, wooden furnitures and the grand pipe organ, everything about the church is just speechless.
After exploring this beautiful historical building on your Amsterdam weekend breaks, take a two-minute stroll across the bridge to Zeedijk, one of Amsterdam's oldest streets.
Located 11 miles from the sea, the Port of Amsterdam remains an active harbour till today. Spending few hours here is rewarding. Nearby, the National Maritime Museum and the Science Centre Nemo offer a refreshing tour.
Built around the 1200s, the New Church thrives with organ concerts and displays the magnificent Baroque pulpit. Just opposite the church, lies the National Monument, this is a war memorial for the victims of WWII.
Rooted in the 1800s, the Museum of the Tropics offers a fantastic excursion for history lovers flocking into the city with holidays to Amsterdam. The museum displays numerous art related objects and items from the subtropical and tropical regions. As you meander around, you can discover the House of the Far East and the traditional bazaar.
Apart from art and architecture, Amsterdam offers double natural features right in the heart of the city. Founded in 1600s, the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the oldest gardens. It houses rare trees, plants and flowers. Just few minutes away from the Botanical Garden, the city zoo, Natura Artis Magistra allows visitors to marvel and the creatures from all around the globe, enjoy aquatic creatures and learn about the coral reefs. Do not forget to explore the Butterfly Pavilion and the Planetarium.
Believe it or not, though erotic, the Red Light District of Amsterdam is a famous and an admired place for locals and tourists both.
Things to Do
With Amsterdam holidays, marvel at hundreds of priceless art at the Van Gogh Musuem. Famous paintings include the appealing sunflowers and masterpieces from other well-known artists. Your time there will never be boring. Get to know about the city's history at the Amsterdam History Museum. Though this museum does not see a lot of visitors, yet history oozes out from every display and artefact. The museum is huge hence, you can spend a few hours in it. 
Are you interested in Jewish history? Situated near Waterlooplein, there is an awe-inspiring section on WWII and the Holocaust at the Jewish History Museum. With cheap Amsterdam holidays, visit the Tulip Museum inside a tulip shop and learn about the interesting tulip craze in Holland. The best thing; you will never find a crowd.
Have you heard about Jordaan? Right next to the city centre, tourists flock towards this district to get lost in the maze of shops, cafes and restaurants. Summers bring in a huge crowd to get pampered with some delicious munchies. On your holidays in Amsterdam do not forget to visit the farmers market and sample Dutch apple pie.
There's something for photographers with city breaks to Amsterdam. The photography museum houses some wonderful pictures that are exhibited. The houseboat museum is an interesting place that offers glimpses of how living on the canals is like. With Amsterdam flights, you can also explore Oost, an area towards the east of Amsterdam. It houses a park, a zoo and plenty of eateries.
If walking stresses you out, the Rembrandt Park on the west, is an idyllic place to wander. The area is quite modern, with Dutch signs all over.
With cheap Amsterdam holidays, the Canal Tours are extremely thrilling with Amsterdam breaks from UK. They are as famous as the houses of Amsterdam. If you wish to see the city as a whole, it's from the canals the view is broad and enticing. You can either take a tour on a big boat or take the open-air Eco Tour Boat and relish in some intimate canal experience.
On your Amsterdam holidays, you might not wish to miss  Amsterdam's main park, Voldelpark. This is a famous place to hangout, go biking, and enjoy a picnics or smoke. Looking for something intriguing? Take a tour of the Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank hid her family during WWII from the Nazis. The house gives you an idea of how she lived in the attic and bits and pieces of the Holocaust. 
What is Amsterdam without the windmills? Well, this is an out-of-the-world adventure tour that you should not miss. There are 8 windmills altogether, located in west Amsterdam. The one closer to the city is called De Gooyer, a classic place to unwind and enjoy brewery with cheap city breaks to Amsterdam.
The district of Plantage and the House of Bols are worth exploring. Soak up the unpolluted atmosphere, stroll in the gardens and visit the Artis Zoo. These places offer some amazing cocktails and a friendly chat with a local.
With Amsterdam weekend breaks, shopping is a 'do now or never' event in this Dutch capital. Amsterdam is a city of books, shoes, perfumes, antiques, diamonds and other international brands. You can shop at the city centre and other places such as Kalverstraat, Damrak, Regulier Breestraat, Muntplein, Leidsestraat, Rokin and near Noorderkerk.
Street shopping is leisure too. Several small shops make shopping quite thrilling. The 9 interesting shopping areas are: Reestraat, Hartenstraat, Gasthuismolensteeg, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Oude Spiegelstraat, Rijnstraat, Huidenstraat, Wij de Heisteeg.
The nights may be prolonged and gloomy during the winters, but you can always lighten up any day by exploring a Christmas market in Amsterdam and the encompassing area. Speaking of Amsterdam Light Festival, this fest offers a ravishing time in the city. From December 1st until January 22nd you can admire artworks from architects, designers and international artists. Amsterdam King’s Day is comes every year 27th April.

Essential Info

Where to Stay
With luxury holiday in Amsterdam, if you happen to travel for the first time to the stunning Dutch city with cheap holiday to Amsterdam, the 'Canal ring' or the World Heritage city centre is the perfect place to stay. With the City Railway Station at the north and several other attractive cafes and food courts nearby, this is the happening place in the city.
There are a few Luxury Hotels that never fail to cosset guests with its facilities and services. With Amsterdam holidays, enjoy your stay at the plush rooms and cater to your taste-buds with authentic dining.
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Ambassade Hotel
The Toren
With holidays in Amsterdam, within a 10-minute walk to Amsterdam Railway Station, tourists can find several boutique and pet-friendly hotels with stylish rooms and chic decor.
Hotel Sebastian's
Hotel Fita
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Centraal Station
If you happen to be a backpacker, searching for hotels in Amsterdam and budget hotels can be found within the walking distance from Museumplein and the Leidseplein, there are economical accommodations with essential amenities and comfortable beds. With Amsterdam break from London, your last minute Amsterdam holidays will be extremely ravishing. No wonder, your stay in Amsterdam will be a memorable one with one of the Amsterdam hotels.
Hotel La Boheme
Hotel Museumzicht
Clemens Hotel
Getting Around
Renowned as the best Walking city in Europe, Amsterdam can still be scaled with a bike or using the bus, tram, ferry or even the metro on your city breaks to Amsterdam. Trams are the best way to move around, with routes heading towards all directions. Trams do spark up a romantic holiday in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam and the Kingdom of the Netherlands have an excellent unified network of transport system. The Dutch train system is good value for money and services are flawless. You can purchase single or multi-day passes for unlimited travel on the city's transport for a time period.
Taxis are quite convenient but make sure they are metered with normal rates. Tipping an Euro to your driver is practiced and considered healthy. With Amsterdam city breaks, driving in Amsterdam is not advised hence, cyclists and people driving two-wheelers need to watch out. With Amsterdam holiday packages use the city transport as much as possible and park your vehicle at the authorised parking space. You can also enjoy the city with Amsterdam mini cruises, being one of the ways to tour the city.
Food & Restaurants
With cheap breaks to Amsterdam, you can explore surplus restaurants in Amsterdam. The Dutch love food and eating out. With Amsterdam holiday packages restaurant lovers will find the Dutch capital a base to tantalise their taste buds. With cheap Amsterdam holidays, the wide range of food courts, food stalls and restaurants are quite impressive, providing international cuisine. At most places, you will be spoilt for choices with Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Dutch delights. With the influence of Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, the amalgam of ingredients, food in Amsterdam turns out to offer some lip-smacking dishes. Most bars also serve snacks, known as hapjes, and many offer full meals.
With Amsterdam city breaks from London, sample traditional dishes at  Bistro Bij Ons, La Falote or old-school kroketten (croquettes) specialist Van Dobben; or contemporary twists at Greetje or Hemelse Modder.
Do not leave the city without tasting spicy rijsttafel ('rice table'; Indonesian banquet of small dishes); Tempo Doeloe does one of the best. Tuck into a Surinamese roti (flatbread wrap) at Tokoman.
Hotel De Goudfazant
Restaurant Bordewijk
Restaurant Anna
Café Loetje
Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx
De Peper
Famous and important as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) in the entire European region, this airport can be reached within 20 minutes from the main Amsterdam city. This international airhub connects to several international airports and caters to airlines such as KLM, Arkefly, Transavia, Amsterdam Airlines and a few more, making weekend breaks to Amsterdam illustrious.
From the airport, visitors can board the train, city bus, hotel shuttles and taxis to reach the desired destination on your trip to Amsterdam.
Festivals & Events
Festivals and cultural events are endless and undying with holidays in Amsterdam. Most of the celebrations depict historical traditions and the Dutch are quite orthodox to observe their time-honoured customs, traditions and festivals. The King's Birthday is the most important event among all that takes two days of celebrations.
Summers bring in the open-air fests, film festivals, concerts, market events and fairs. Few festivals end with the parade of the vivid boats through the illuminated canals. The sight is worth beholding! Winter is the time for Christmas, New Year and Light Shows at the various museums. With Amsterdam deals from Holiday Desire you can save up to further enjoy your holiday.
909 Festival
Awakenings Festival
Pitch Festival
Welcome To The Future
Electronic Family
Dekmantel Festival
Dance Valley 
Amsterdam is Europe's electrifying party city. With every rare and weird after-dark activities, guests can start rolling with a romantic stroll or by bar-hopping and party till dawn at one of the many clubs.
Bars in Amsterdam come in every shape, size and price. For cocktail lovers, there are cocktail-based lounges and for music and dance lovers, there are separate bars catering to your needs with city breaks to Amsterdam.
Apart from coffee shops, the Dutch capital has a large Red Light District. Nevertheless, the city also features some of the finest club DJs known for their huge choice of music genres.
If you love dancing, with cheap Amsterdam holidays head towards the Rembrantsplein-Leidseplein area. For some common thrills, you can be at Walletjes. Reguliersdwarsstraat is one of the more cutting-edge nightlife districts in the city. At the bars and clubs, the varied music ranges from street musicians to evening stage performers.
Club AIR
Jimmy Woo
Club Up
Club Studio 80
Sugar Factory
Club NL
Passport & Visa Requirements
British tourists holding British passports travelling into the Netherlands do not need a visa for cheap Amsterdam holidays. Any other foreign tourist might require a Schengen visa or a transit visa for a short stay in the Netherlands. Your passport needs to be valid for the desired duration of your stay.
With cheap holidays to Amsterdam, if touring from one border-free Schengen country to the other however, EU nationals need not produce a passport or national ID card. It is however advised, that carry your passport or ID card to provide any proof of identity, if needed. Note that Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the UK are not part of the Schengen area, so a passport or ID card is required if travelling to/from these countries.
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