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About Agadir

Do you wish to get away from the cold climate? Well, Agadir is the perfect choice for sandy beach lovers and for those searching for some balmy climate. These two factors mainly make holidays to Agadir extraordinary. Apart from these factors, you can find anything and everything under the sky. Right from romantic to the adventure, from delectable cuisine to time-honoured landmarks, from broad crescent beaches, desert tours and array of cafes, Morocco's coastal city has it all.
In the 1500s, a group of Portuguese traders discovered a port but lost to the prince of the Saadi empire. In 1600s, Agadir was built on top of the hill but was reduced to heaps by an earthquake in 1731.
The credit for its present modern texture and infrastructure goes to King Mohammad V, who erected the city from a heap of rumbles after the earthquake, giving shape with grand avenues, boutique shops, flourishing gardens, restaurants, elite hotels, charming beaches and avant-garde airport, making Agadir holidays ravishing.
Beaches with golden sands no doubt, are Agadir's key attractions, making beach holidays to Agadir highly alluring. The later is the idyllic place to chase some sun and indulge in surfing, jet skiing, body boarding and much more. Following the tree-lined broadway, plenty of hotels, bars, clubs and food joints dot the place.
With several twists and turns, Agadir managed to turn tables as it transformed into a stunning destination in Morocco equipped with every dynamic feature for tourists.
With cheap Agadir holidays, visitors need not be too concerned about the hotel accommodation in Agadir. The fact is, the city overflows with modern hotels and you can easily choose the one that suits your budget perfectly. Golfers will surely have a wonderful time at the innumerable golf courses that offers a terrific leisure for many. Do not overlook the nightlife; the moments after dark have a different story altogether.

When to Go ?

Agadir enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. To enjoy your dream beach holidays to Agadir, the best time is between June and September. During these months you will find the best beach whether and will pretty much experience hot, dry days and blue skies. Some love summer holidays in Agadir because of the beach activities. You could also stay a bit longer in Agadir to experience Christmas holidays in Agadir. Some of Morocco's best beaches lie in the city of Agadir. Do not forget to explore them.

Places to Visit

With cheap Agadir holidays, there are limitless places to visit, the Kasbah or the fort being the first on the list. This is an important place perched above the city of Agadir, 4.5 miles north of the town. Ascending up the hill might be tiresome, you can hire a car or a taxi. As you take the tour of the fort, ancient ruined walls and buildings bring forth tales of yore. If ruins do not interest you, capture the mesmerising view of the beach and the shipyard from the top of the hill.
Agadir's clean and endless beaches are world famous. They are perfect for relaxation as well as for aquatic sports. With luxury holidays in Agadir if you happen to take a stroll on the promenade, you will definitely stop at one of the restaurants or the coffee shop.
Agadir is not that parched, there are lush places for a wonderful family picnic with family holidays to Agadir. One such place is Bird Valley, a small zoo, situated between Boulevard Hassan II and Boulevard le 20 Aout. You can marvel not only at the rare birds, but also spot Mouflons and Wallabies including South American Llamas. It's a perfect place to take your kids out.
The markets offer a perfect shopping time like none other. The Souk El-Had is an open-air bazaar, positioned in the south east area of Agadir. Over 2500 shops and stalls are their to give you a jaw-dropping experience where you can buy almost everything. The name Souk El-Had means 'Sunday Market', it is opened daily except on Mondays. Goods on sale include souvenirs, food, spices, herbs, home products and garments.
If you're more of a peaceful person, Taghazout Beach is the place for you with holidays to Agadir from London. Located approximately 9 miles north of Agadir, this place is less crowded with a calm atmosphere and profuse surfing activities.
Shoppers can head towards Agadir Marina, an excellent spot with an European feel to engage in some serious shopping, eating and drinking.
Very few know that Agadir is blessed with an interesting fishing port. Located just next to the Marina, the Agadir Fishing Port is dotted with a very few restaurants, but offers amazing dishes.
If you have an eye for some photography, Agadir Oufella Ruins offers some finest views that needs to be captured. With Agadir holidays, you just have to say quite a few 'No's' to the hawkers who will try to sell assorted souvenirs.
The museums in Agadir showcase a large variety of Berber heritage with an amazing collection of Berber artefacts and pottery, wooden items, carpets, jewellery and cultural items. Musée de la culture Amazigh is one such museum situated right on the pedestrian area, between Avenue Hassan II and Avenue Mohammed V. With Agadir holidays, you will not miss its mud-styled structure and a stylish door.
Musee Memoire d'Agadir is another small museum dedicated to the earthquake that shook Agadir. The pictures displayed will take you back to those horrific times.
Essaouira, located on the African Atlantic coast, it is considered as one of the most beautiful and the loveliest seaside town of Morocco. The place is famous among tourists because of its affluent history, society, beautiful views, luscious seafood and most significantly its amazing traditional music. Not only that, the place comes under the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Your last minute holidays in Agadir will surely be a memorable one.
Tiznit, placed among the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Coast, is famous for its fine silver jewellery. Also, if you wish to get an idea of the culture, you will love seeing people in their conventional vesture. And if you are on family holidays to Agadir, try attending their famous Annual Timitar Festival, it will definitely make your trip more memorable!
Tafroute, to perceive this spellbinding town, you will have to drive around 155 miles from Agadir. Calling all hikers, climbers and nature-lovers, the place is Eden. With not too many people around, here you will find beautiful restaurants and the place is considered as one of the best places to chill with friends and family. For a perfect Agadir holidays, you simply can’t miss this astonishing place!
La Medina d’Agadir, to add some more spice to your cheap holidays to Agadir, don’t miss this place! It is a combination of museums, markets and small scale workshops. If you're fascinated by art and culture, then you can't resist, but be overwhelmed by this comely place, as the place is filled with painters, carpenters, craftsmen’s, jewellers, who tend to showcase their work by using open spaces and studios.

Things to Do
If you are bored with your mundane routine, short breaks to Agadir is the perfect escapade to enjoy something unique. Try out a new dish, meet new people and get adventurous.
With endless things on the list, beginning your venture can be confounding. Hence, Taghazout beach needs to be your base to explore Agadir when you land in Morocco. This beach gives the opportunity to enjoy surfing and it is often called as 'the surfing paradise'. Once you have those waves under your feet, it is purely an adrenalined adventure.
The Paradise Valley offers an amazing panorama as you look down into the valley. In fact, it is recommended that right after surfing you can straightaway get here.
Are you a golfer? With all -inclusive Agadir holidays, you will have surplus time to enjoy this game. Since few years, Agadir has developed huge areas and turned them into golf courses. After a good game of golf, relish some authentic food of Morocco. You will surely be bestowed with food that suits your taste and it will add to your trip.
With holidays to Agadir, trekkers can have a gala time hiking up to the ruins of Kasbah. Also known as, Agadir Oufella, is located on top of the mountain called 'God, King, Country'. Built in the 1500s, offering views and providing housing to several people, this place became quite a town on its own. The Kasbah was wiped out entirely in the earthquake, with ruins alluring tourists to get a glimpse of the past.
The path towards the top is well laid out. If you are in shape, you can reach the top in 40 minutes. Are you hungry? Eating at the port is an amazing experience with your Cheap Agadir holidays.  Walk up to any of the food joints at the port and relish a mouth-watering grilled fish or a shrimp dish. The fish can be sole or calamari topped with tartar sauce. Relax in Jardim de Olhão, a garden established in 1992, situated near New Talborjt. The place has a children's library and also a small museum dedicated to the earthquake. Spa and sauna is the best way to unwind after a tiring city tour.
If you're in Agadir and do not relish a hammam, your affordable holidays to Agadir will not be complete. The Al Fath community hammam in Al Wifaq is the place to enjoy a warm bath. pack your bathing suits. Men and women go in together and there's no shame in that. You can buy the bathing oils, soaps and other necessary things you may need.
What else can you do? The Le Oiseaux Zoo is free. You can encounter some angry monkeys and abundant rare species of birds. With Agadir holiday deals, tourists can indulge in several excursions. Drive past the dynamic city towards the outskirts of Agadir and try out dune buggying. No wonder, your sunny holidays will be memorable.

Essential Info

In case if you’re planning your family holidays to Agadir then here’s a list of few things that might help you:
Key Facts
Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD)
Language: Arabic, Berber and French
Time zones: GMT +0
Health & Safety
In case you’re not sure about the health and safety facilities of Morocco, visit the attached link to make your all-inclusive holidays to Agadir worry-free!
Getting Around
Getting around Agadir, on the whole, is pretty good with a convenient rail network inter-linking the main towns of the north. The coast and Marrakesh are well-linked with abundant buses and collective taxis. Hiring a car opens up routes that take much time or they are difficult with local transport. Even with shorter and chartered flights to Agadir you can reach your favourite spot easily.
Food & Restaurants
Moroccan meals might start with a thick soup, which is often spicy and finely chopped salads. The main course will surely be a delicious fish curry or grilled kebabs.
Tajine is one of the main dishes of Morocco, which you can find anywhere with Agadir holiday packages. It is usually slow cooked in steam in a earthenware vessel. For breakfast or snack, you can buy breads and buns, top it with butter or jam, fill it with eggs or even cheese and relish it. 
Being a tourist destination, you will never have to search for a restaurant. Walk out and you will surely find a place of your choice. Street food includes spicy merguez sausages cooked at roadside stalls, tiny kebabs, peanuts, roasted chickpeas and doughnut-shaped fritters. You can find plenty of beach hotels in Agadir that will definitely cater to your needs.
Agadir–Al Massira Airport is the major international airport serving the city of Agadir. It is situated 12 miles towards southwest Agadir, where you can find plenty of hotels in Agadir, even with late deals to Agadir.
After a hard day's meandering, you can head into the centre of the town to enjoy music and some cocktails. With Last Minute holidays to Agadir from UK, you will surely be energised and the sound the Saharan beat and the vibrant crowd. For the young people, Avenue Hassan II, the English Pub, Papagayo and quite modern and chic. Piano Bar on the other hand is a woman-friendly bar with great selection of food and drinks. Wildly famous among the locals and tourists, So Lounge bar is one of the best and exceptional night club in Agadir. With best holidays to Agadir from Holiday Desire, do not forget to visit the Orange Cafe, a traditional Moroccan-styled bar. It's cool and the best place to escape the noon heat.
Passport & Visa Requirements
For holidays to Morocco, British citizens don’t need to apply for a visa but must have a valid passport. For more information, visit and enjoy a relaxing holiday in Agadir.

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